Women Demand No Scruff Now


This will be twice in a row today I blog about faux grassroom movements. This one, NoScruf.org, is a lot more amusing than DontRegulate.org.

NoScruf is the clearinghouse for women fed up with men who cling to scratchy stubble. They’re fighting back, witholding sex and refusing to shave themselves. It’s a clever campaign and, I confess, the logic is pretty persuasive.

That said, I will never give up my five o’clock shadow.

You won’t find any evidence of its sponsorship on the site, but AdWeek reports that Gillette’s responsible for its content. And it’s pretty funny content. Make sure you check out the video, “In Your Dreams, Stubble Boy.”

In researching this post, it turns out this is a big week for funny flash sites about hair sponsored by razor companies. Check out shaveeverywhere.com.


One Response to “Women Demand No Scruff Now”

  1. That’s funny. What will they come up with next, a website against guys who don’t put the toilet seat down? Good for you for staying true to your five o’clock shadow.

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