Solutions for Final 7 Blueprint Puzzles


I had a lot of fun playing this flash game,’s Blueprint. Another blogger Claudiu posted solutions for the original puzzles (and was kind enough to post some different solutions I sent him). Teagames recently released some new levels. Since I have too much time on my hands, here are the solutions for the final 7 puzzles.

For the purposes of this walkthrough, I refer to the new puzzles as 1-7 going from the left to the right.


Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2


Puzzle 3


Puzzle 4


Puzzle 5


Puzzle 6 (This solution seems less elegant than it could be. Anyone have a different solution?)

(Update: 2-27-07, Comment #5 below points to a better solution to Puzzle 6.)


Puzzle 7


Somebody who goes by Atnrai Ragairchew emailed me the alternate solution (below) for the final puzzle. I like how long it takes for the ball to hit the target using this method.

Thanks for reading.


13 Responses to “Solutions for Final 7 Blueprint Puzzles”

  1. 1 Mark B

    I’ve also solved them all, but my solutions are completely different… But still; Great work (mail me for my solutions)

  2. 2 Jay Bolton

    Hi Joseph,

    You asked “does anyone have a different solution to puzzle six?” Well, here is mine, it only uses two pieces:


  3. 3 Jack Lee

    can someone tell me how to beat the one with the three blocks in the middle and there two upward nudges, one half-pipe and a tredmill that pushes to the left?

  4. How do you take screen shots?

  5. 5 MissingLink

    Here’s a another solution for six. In my opinion, it is a little more flowing.

  6. 6 steveeeeee

    yo i found a different way for #7

  7. 7 steveeeeee

    how do u show the picture of it??

  8. 8 GPC

    And I like to see that in your solution the marble (the round piece) doesn’t do anything.

  9. 9 GPC

    It’s very interesting to see the differents solutions!

  10. 10 Marius

    look on this sulotiun, the round pieace does nothing here aswell and the ball uses long time from start to goal šŸ™‚

  11. I can solve puzzle 6
    the number on the left means the square number vertically. like a battleship game
    and the number(s) on the right means the square numbers horizontally starting from the top left corner

    Right ramp 12-18-17
    Right Nudge 12-15-16
    Slope 5-12-13-14
    Treadmill 6-10-11
    Upward Nudge 5-7

  12. 12 Bob B.

    hey luv this site i have wondering how to do the final 7 this site has really helped me!!! thanks again! Maybe i will find some different solutions!

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