Rocketboom 2.0 Debuts with Modesty and Grace


The first edition of Rocketboom without Amanda Congdon debuted today.

Let’s be clear on something: watching Rocketboom for news is like reading Playboy for the articles. Presentation, not content, defined Rocketboom 1.0. I don’t mean to suggest that the sum of the videoblog was Congdon’s physical attractiveness though the comments section of blogs covering Amanda’s departure repeatedly offered that opinion. It was her whole persona. Kind of like Vince Vaughn, you like her just for showing up.

How’s the first show without her? Humble and classy. I was impressed. New host Joanne Colan first appears in catcher’s gear in recognition of all the impending criticism; producer Andrew Baron feigns catatonia in light of recent events; and Colan tells viewers they can keep track of Congdon’s future adventures at

Thankfully, the show can hit the ground running since so many of it’s viewers subscribe through RSS. I’m one of them. I’m curious to see where it goes. Lot’s of people are watching.


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