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I just moved into a house in Columbia Heights. I only knew one of my three new housemates well going in, so I decided I would break the ice a little bit by playing a practical joke. Enjoy the email exchange below. From: Devin Markell To: Will Benning, Joseph Price Date: Sep 20, 2006 12:34 […]

Play Overload


I spent the past three days watching around 12 hours of theatre at the Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage Festival. I will write up some reviews tomorrow, but in the meanwhile I’m going to… relax for a while, play some video games and chew the fat with the new housemates. So much theatre in so little time […]

It’s a T-shirt that changes it’s color and text before depending on your mood and situation. When the Mets win, it’s blue and says “Let’s Go Mets” in curly orange script. When the Mets lose, it says anything else. At DC9, the shirt is black and boasts something ironic like “Villain of the Year” in […]