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I had a lot of fun playing this flash game,’s Blueprint. Another blogger Claudiu posted solutions for the original puzzles (and was kind enough to post some different solutions I sent him). Teagames recently released some new levels. Since I have too much time on my hands, here are the solutions for the final […]

This will be twice in a row today I blog about faux grassroom movements. This one,, is a lot more amusing than NoScruf is the clearinghouse for women fed up with men who cling to scratchy stubble. They’re fighting back, witholding sex and refusing to shave themselves. It’s a clever campaign and, I […] accomplishes a rare feat: it makes my blood boil in a way usually reserved for election season television advertisements. The Flash movie omits a couple of crucial points on Net Neutrality: The large "multi-billion dollar companies" like Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft aren't currently getting a "free ride" in delivering content to consumer homes. They […]